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TRAINING FOR SLED DOGS is designed to help you keep better records of the way you train your dogs, in a structured way and optimize your training program especially from one year to the other.

More on Training for Sled Dogs

Download the last update of the program (You must have installed Noatak Kennel Management first.)
(Shareware Version 1.3.0; 1.63 MB.)

Register Training for Sled Dogs

Versions History

Screen Shots:
     Training Entry Form 34 KB

All our programs are shareware, this means that you first have to install the shareware (demo) version.
Then you can start using the program with a few limitations.
If you like it, at this point you register it, providing us with the serial number that the program will generate, and we send you an unlock code to turn the shareware version into a full version.
You do not have to re-install anything and the data you stated entering are not lost.
For details on how to register and find the serial number, check the register topic of the help file.

Links for utilities or services you may need with Training for Sled Dogs:

    Winzip (Archive utility)
    LView pro (Image editing shareware).
    Paint shop pro (Image editing shareware).
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