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On this page we will try to bring daily summary of the of each stage during the race.

We would like to thanks our main sponsor remain the same for now 15 years :
We work also in collaboration with the
National Vet School of Alfort -France-
and Professor Dominique Grandjean DVM.

  Dogs of the 2002 team

    DAYS BEFORE THE RACE (Jan 1st - 4th):
    We arrived January 1st in Oregon, we are staying few days before the race with Susan and Wayne SINGHOSE. Susan and Wayne are wonderful host, they run a cattle ranch and Alfalfa hay farm.
    During the days prior to the race Jacques trained the dogs at Mt Bachelor and the day he didn't train we were getting organized for the race. One of our airbag suspension blow-up during the trip so we got a replacement airbag and Jacques fixed the truck during the day off we had.
    While he was working on the truck we put the dogs at the picket line and they really enjoyed a nice sunny day with hay to sleep on and cows and cats to observed…
    Click here to see pictures of days in Alfalfa

    Mt Hood.

    Today was the ceremonial start of the race in Mt Hood. Mother nature didn't cooperated and it was poring rain… the dogs and us got pretty wet. The One mile trail had snow on and was fine. We drove back to Bend were tonight is the opening ceremony of the race. I couldn't take any picture during the ceremonial start, because digital cameras don't really like rain… I instead took picture of the drive back to Bend and some of the opening ceremony.
    For the night we staued with Richard and Barbara and their two dogs.
    Click here to see pictures of the Ceremonial Start

    Mt Bachelor - Kwolh Butte course (Jan 7th):
    46.7 miles

    Leader: Spade and Memphis.   Team Dogs: Bonzai, Runner, Ivory, Snickers, Jewel, Haines, Dior and Cardin.

    Today was the first " real " day of the race. The teams ran a curse around Mt Bachelor. The weather was OK, it snowed for a while (very wet snow) and then it rained… ( this is Oregon weather.) So after the race the sled and all the gear were pretty soaked …
    Jacques at the 3rd fastest time on the 47 miles course. Doug swingley was the fastest with a time of 3h16mn 22 sec ; then Franck Teasley was second with 3h 22mn 24 sec and Jacques Was 3h 27mn 14sec. Behind was Dean Osmar with 3h 28mn 16sec and Melanie Sherilla with 3h 29mn 9sec.
    Our dogs are in very good shape, I was really happy to see Memphis coming back from the course in lead with Spade, she is only 2 years old. Jewel who is also 2 years old did really good. Jacques is really happy with the dogs, he said they ran very regularly the all way and came back not tired at all.
    We will see for the other days…

    We are staying for two night with Jim and Lori CRAIG, very nice people with a wonderful house.

    Click here to see pictures of the Day

    Sisters - Hoodoo course (Jan 8th): 41.4 miles

    Leaders : Smallet and Hyder
    Team: Memphis, Spade, Runner, Bonzai, Jenny, Iset, Snickers, Delite, Zoulou and Haines
    Times: Jacques had the second fastest time with 3h25mn13sec. Doug Swingley was the fastest with 3h 20mn 16sec. Dean Osmar is right behind Jacques with 3h25mn 38 sec.
    Today start got delay one hours because of no more snow in the original starting area. It was raining for a while and then it cleared up at the praking lot, but Jacques got into rain on the trail.
    Jacques is very happy with the dogs, he says they run as good as they can in very wet and muchy snow. He encounter problems when he had to cross "snow park" where tema where tangle in the middle of those parking and he arrived behind and our leaders didn't really know which way to go. After talking with Doug Swingley after the race, he told us he ended up on the paved road for few yard because of problems in those parking to cross.
    Tonight we are staying one last night with Jim and Lorri in Sisters.
    Click here to see pictures of the Day

    Sisters - Mt Bachelor course (Jan 9th):
    45.8 miles

    Today wasn't very good, our dogs are having sore feet due to icy trial, and ice balls on the trails. We hope it will get better soon. Also since our training schedule got disturbed at home dur to no snow, and we couldn't any long runs, you can see now the consequences.

    Click here to see pictures of the Day

    Prineville - Walton Lake course (Jan 10th):
    47.3 miles

    Leaders: Spade , Memphis
    Team: Zoulou, Delite, Ivory, Runner, Smallet, Jenny, Iset, Zoulou Cardin

    Like yesterday our team is suffering from sour feet, no spilt but swollen and sour feet. We massage their feet three times a day with Algyval and it really help. Long stages are still pretty hard on them, but since we use this race a "training" for the Wyoming race, we figured that now they will be trained for the race.

    Click here to see pictures of the Day

    La Pine - Newberry Crater course (Jan 11th):
    35.4 miles

    Leaders: Spade, Hyder
    Team: Memphis, Bonzai, Jenny, Snickers, Smallet, Cardin, Haines, Jewel.

    Today Jacques had a good run, the feet's of the dos are finally getting better. The dogs didn't very good. Spade wasn't doing very well at the beginning but then he started to be a great leader like he is most of the time evne that he is 8.5 years old now.

    Click here to see pictures of the Day

    Mt Bachelor - Sunrise Lodge course (Jan 12th): OVERNIGHT CAMPING
    46.4 miles
    The last two stages were "one" due to the overnight camping at sunrise lodge at Mt Bachelor. Jacques took 11 dogs. He had two good run with only mi or problems. The dogs did well. The night of the overnight the Wind was blowing pretty hard but the overnight camping area was in a protected area with trees .
    The last real satge, starting from the overnight camping JACQUES had the fastest time.

    Leaders: Hyder, Bonzai, Ivory
    Team: Jenny, Iset, Cardin, Haines, Delite, Runner, Snicker, Memphis.

    Click here to see pictures of the Day

    Sunrise Lodge - Mt Bachelorcourse (Jan 13rd):
    31.5 miles

    Overall , Jacques is really pleased with the dogs considering the poor training we had in AK, the dogs had only 14 runs on sled before the race and only 2 runs of 36 miles. The two yers old of the team did really good. So now we think are are well trained for Wyoming. We will see in couple of weeks…

    Click here to see pictures of the Day

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