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We offer 4 levels of plans for maximum flexibility in satisfying your needs.
Each level is comprised of the 4 services described in the introduction page:
Domain Registration, Hosting, Initial Design and Maintenance.
Each service can be purchased separately, but you save 10% by suscribing to the whole plan.
By suscribing to a maintenance plan, you save 50% over the same maintenance by the hour.
You may also mix services from certain plans, contact us for details.
The following table summarizes the 4 plans.

Plans Puppy
The most economical plan to get you on the web, good for a personal site
A good starter for a business who wants to be present on the web
Team Dog
For a business who wants to have a more serious presence on the web
Lead Dog
A full e-commerce site with hundreds of products that need to be updated frequently
Domain Registration
For 10 Years
N/A $9.55/Yr $9.55/Yr $9.55/Yr
Domain Registration
For 1 Year
N/A $14.95 $14.95 $14.95
Hosting Price $9.95/Month $14.95/Month $29.95/Month $49.95/Month
Initial Design $199.95 $499.95 $999.95 $1999.95
Maintenance $9.95/Month $19.95/Month $49.95/Month $199.95/Month
Total for one year $438.75 $918.75 $1958.75 $4998.75
Complete Package
with discount
$393.95 $825.95 $1761.95 $4497.95
You Save $44.80 $92.80 $196.80 $500.80
Disk Space 20 MB 50 MB 100 MB 200 MB
Transfer 1 GB/month 2 GB/month 3 GB/month 4 GB/month
Max Nb of Pages 5 20 50 unlimited
Max Nb of Images 20 40 100 500
Max Time for
initial Design
5 hours 13 hours 25 hours 50 hours
Max Time for
3 hours/Yr 6 hours/Yr 15 hours/Yr 60 hours/Yr
Use of Database No No Flat File or MS Access MS SQL
No No Yes Yes
Max Nb of
email accoutns
1 3 5 10
Max Nb of
FTP accoutns
1 2 4 6
No Main page only Detailed Detailed

Site maintenance outside of a plan will be billed $80/Hour.

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