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Raft Trip Raft Trip

Raft trip on the Delta River from Tangle lake to Mile 212 Richardson highway

We were with our friends Sarka, Cassidy, Lucy and George Meyer. Sarka's brother Victor and his two daughters visiting from Czek Republic and also Kent and Suzie Katenblacher.

It rained a lot and y camera refused to work after the first day so not oo many photos

sunset from camp
Picture: sunset from camp
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sunset from camp
Picture: sunset from camp
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resting time
Picture: resting time
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the campers
Picture: the campers
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Nap time
Picture: Nap time
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Tangles lake
Picture: Tangles lake
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George, Lucy, Cassidy and Keops
Picture: George, Lucy, Cassidy and Keops
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the kitchen area
Picture: the kitchen area
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Picture: Cassidy
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Picture: Smile
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george and Cassidy fishing
Picture: george and Cassidy fishing
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learning to fish
Picture: learning to fish
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